Need a safe place for kids to play Minecraft? Ready for a place where kids can grow & learn in a Minecraft environment? Our BuddyVerse kid safe server is fun and easy to use.  It is moderated by teachers and kids and has three simple rules: Be Kind, Be Helpful & Use Your Manners.

Minecraft Camps are for kids that want to play multiplayer in a safe place.  They will collaborate and may choose to join our leadership program. Click here to learn more.

BuddyVerse Server is the safe place to play.  All players are vetted and we have 3 simple server rules: Be Kind, Be Helpful & Use Your Manners. Find out more here.

Minecraft In Schools: We have packages that ensure teachers a simple and supported way to teach through Minecraft.

Jobs In The BuddyVerse:  Running Minecraft Camps can be a lot of fun & very rewarding. Learn more about joining our team.

We Can Open The Gates

Minecraft is the single greatest educational asset we have had our hands on this decade.  It opens doors for those that otherwise cannot connect socially, it provides opportunities for many to feel good about themselves, to develop their leadership skills, and it is good, safe fun. It dovetails across the whole the curriculum.  We now have a safe place to play, and a learning environment that is truly accessible to teachers; that’s the BuddyVerse!

Our Clients Say it Best
  • My kids attended the Minecraft camp at Rosebery in the July holidays and they gained so much in terms of social interactions both online and face-to-face.  The learning that my children experienced and knowledge in so many areas I did not realise how much they know and can do!–Karen Symonds, Teacher, Casuarina Secondary College, Darwin, NT, Australia

  • My two boys aged 10 and 11 thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day Minecraft Camp, even though they are already seasoned players, they came away from day one raving and very excited about day 2. The camp seemed to offer a good mix of gameplay and education but also had them up and moving frequently with the Harlem Shake. Thanks Tim for a great 2 days, my sons are still talking about it 3 days later–Kim, Parent, Alyangula, NT, Australia

  • My three boys had an awesome time at the Anula Minecraft Camp. It was great for them to hook up with kids they had met at previous camps, and also to catch up with kids from their school whom they normally wouldn't see in the holidays. The best part is that they are now fighting less at home when they are using the iPad and the computer - rather, they are helping each other to build worlds and create amazing things in Minecraft. Thanks, Tim!–Shani, Parent, Anula, NT, Australia

  • Thank You Tim for bringing Minecraft Camp to Nhulunbuy. It was truly awesome to see something that could captivate 20+ kids for 7 hours a day for 2 days. My son William could not get out of bed quick enough to get to the Minecraft Camp. To see what was created by what was a group of mostly young kids, over the 2 days was amazing. Once again, and I am sure, from all who attended, thank you–Greg, Parent, Nhulunbuy, NT, Australia

  • Great day at Melbournes 1st Minecraft Super Camp! The boys had an absolute ball. A big thank you to Ben & Tim for all the awesome work you do! We'll definately attend again)–Samantha, Parent, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

  • My son attended at Coomera today and had such an amazing time!! The organisers should be congratulated for such a well thought out experience and an encouraging and inclusive atmosphere. Has made my sons holiday and he can't wait for the next one –Debbie, Parent, Coomera, Qld, Australia

  • Wanted to say a huge thanks to Tim for today. Jake had an absolute blast. He really appreciated being given the opportunity to coach the other kids and I wanted to commend you on the program and thank you for reaching out to those kids, like him, who aren't interested in sport but need an outlet just the same. This is something that is severely lacking in terms of activities available and I will absolutely be sharing your details with all my friends. Such a fantastic program and I would like to extend my gratitude for making him the happiest and proudest I've seen him in a long time. Keep up the good work he is already looking forward to attending in March–Erica, Parent, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

  • I’d recommend this course to all LA’s (Learning Advisors)– it’s an eye opener to opportunities to engage students in a lot of curriculum and self development areas. And I guess the more we LA’s know about Minecraft and it’s possibilities the greater the scope to use in our studios, and across studios. Very good day yesterday…–Michael Hassett, Teacher, Blair Athol B-7, SA, Australia

  • I came home exhausted – but exhilarated too! Just from today I can see so many possibilities arising – so much scope!…… To watch those kids yesterday, so engaged, so invested in helping others so the game can go on – and so committed to building a community (not on the screen, within our school) was wonderful. [student B, C &D - spectrum kids],  were great examples of how Minecraft supports personalised learning, Student C’s negotiations with Tim about the zoo were incredible – and I know all the other kids were too. I agree about [student A from Nathan's email] – I asked him to coach me and he did not hesitate. I reckon the connections we can make through Minecraft (and I am thinking cross age/LA here) could really help with other stuff in the yard/around the school. Having those genuine connections and a shared personal experience is gold.–Amanda, Teacher, Blair Athol B-7, SA, Australia