The BuddyVerse server was initially developed for the Founder’s son.  He noticed that his son wanted to play Minecraft on multiplayer servers, and that left to himself, he would join servers with a lot of swearing and bullying.  Tim Wicks created the BuddyVerse server with kid safe Minecraft as his core goal.

What is the BuddyVerse Server?

It is a massive multiplayer Minecraft server.  It has plugins to help kids keep their builds safe and anti-swearing to stop the potty mouths spoiling childrens fun. The BuddyVerse server is diverse; it has 5 creative worlds, 7 survival worlds and 3 games servers.  It also has exclusive worlds that are just for schools and classes.  It is a safe place to play because it is moderated by teachers.  The adults work with kids in a leadership program, to help the kids run the server.

How is it safe?

  •  staff have a low tolerance for people that ignore our 3 server rules: Be Kind, Be Helpful and Use Your Manners. There are consequences for repeatedly not following the rules.  The consequences are upheld for the enjoyment of the majority of players.
  • Teachers moderate the server.  They love Minecraft and enjoy working with kids when they are passionate, and boy, can they be passionate about Minecraft!
  • There are plugins to constrict anti-social behaviour

Do I have to pay?

Generally those that join our server have been to a Camp or are part of a school or library licensing agreement. Basically we charge AU$6.50 per month (AU$65 per year – you get 2 months free).  This allows us to vet who joins the server.  If you are a parent or individual we will need to chat with you before we can sell you a licence.

Do you have rules and consequences?

We sure do.  You will see the rules mentioned often, as they are sort of a mantra.

Be Kind
Be Helpful
Use Your Manners

Our consequences work like this, we:

1. Offer a warning (in game or face to face – sometimes 2 or 3 times)
2. Kick them from the server – they can join straight back on, this gives us an opportunity to catch up with them and discuss why they were kicked. If they have been spamming they may be muted.


3. If their behaviour continues we may ‘Temp Ban’ them.  This is like time out.  We would usually do 5  to 10 minutes, depending on the behaviour.
4. If their behaviour continues (or if it is malicious) they will be banned from the server and if they are in a camp, you will be contacted.  You will be expected to pick your child up and remove them from the event.  These decisions are at the discretion of Think Fizz P/L Camp Leaders.

We have never needed to call a parent for removal of a participant!

Does my child need to spend real money to advance?

No, never.

What’s a mod?

When kids refer to a mod, it is usually a modification of the game.  Parents, be wary of mods, as they can be housed on some nasty websites that can quickly disable your computer. Luckily, we have researched what can work on the BuddyVerse, and have written a tutorial here, along with links to download them.

Just to confuse you – Mod is also the shortened term for a staff rank, Moderator.

Whats a texture pack?

Texture packs improve the way Minecraft looks (usually).  They are generally harmless. We have found a few safe ones that work well with our server and written a tutorial here, as well as provided some links to safe downloads.

What are ranks?

We have an in game currency, and one of the cool things you can buy is a rank.  A rank gives you an awesome name, like ‘Maverick’, plus some powers and usually a kit or 2. We also have some ranks that can’t be bought, they are CampHero, which can only be received for attending a camp, and staff ranks, which are part of our leadership program. More info about ranks can be found in this forum post.

How can I support my child?

Firstly, read:

The Parents Guide To Minecraft – written by Tim Wicks & Sean Firth. Then check out 10 Tips For Struggling Minecraft Parents, written by Tim Wicks, and most importantly, download, print out and share the BuddyVerse Handbook with your child, THAT will help immensely.

How do we join?

If your child has been to a camp already they are likely to have been made a member.  You should have received an email about it.  If not, please email and let us know why you want to be a part of our server.  We vet everyone that joins!

Once you are ready to roll, watch this video