Minecraft Camps are events held with 24 (sometimes more) children.  Each child has their own computer, though they are all participating in the same ‘world’, so they can collaborate and play together.  These events are usually held in schools in school holidays and on weekends.  If your child has experienced Minecraft, and you are wondering why you would pay (AU$65 per day) for them to attend such an event, read on. If you are not wondering, and just want to find a camp and buy tickets, go here.

Minecraft on the computer has more depth

The main differences that your kids will notice when moving from a console (Xbox, PS4) or Pocket Edition (PE) and the PC are:

  • The PC worlds are infinite – the console and PE editions are not very big.
  • You actually craft on the PC, you need to learn where to place different components to achieve a specific tool/thing.  On the console and PE the crafting is largely done for you.
  • You can use commands on the PC (and commands are the foundation of coding!)
  • You can modify the worlds, and what is in them to a much larger degree
  • You can play on cool, kid safe servers like BuddyVerse
  • Thousands of plugins enhance gameplay, like creating awesome games and quests

BuddyVerse Minecraft Camps have a solid leadership program

Leadership BuddyVerseThe leadership program stems from the camps and continues into the server.  This means that the leadership role your child takes on during the camp will still be a part of their play on the BuddyVerse after the camp.  Read this post on BuddyVerse Leadership to get a clearer idea of why the leadership program is so important.

The BuddyVerse server is live & online

An online server allows for your child to use their own Minecraft accounts. This means that what your kids do and build and earn will still be there when they continue to play on the kid safe server the next day.

The days are structured

We ensure there are plenty of breaks throughout the day, with big breaks at 10.30 and 12.30.

There are also events throughout the day to give some of the children something to focus on.  We hold an Epic Build Competition each day of the camp with differing themes.  There are also Quest challenges and mini lessons throughout the day.

Children can collaborate

When we hold the Epic Build Competition one of the first questions we get is “can we work together?”  We structure the day to encourage collaboration, though it is hardly necessary, as it is the desire of most players to build and create with other people.  Interestingly they will often team up with kids they had not met before the camp.

An opportunity to socialise that some kids may never otherwise get

This is something we get strong and consistent feedback on. There are many, many children that for whatever reason are struggling to socialise.  Some are on the Autism Spectrum, and for these children connecting with others is a very difficult prospect.  Others simply don’y play a sport, and aren’t part of a group, like a chess club. Minecraft Camps are conducive to connecting; they are a group of kids with similar passions and knowledge and time after time we see human connections formed in a day.

Parents, we’ve got your back!

BuddyVerse HandbookWe know that many of you are the one stop shop for your kids frustration and anxiety when it comes to learning on Minecraft. “Mum, I want mods”, “Dad, how can I get a texture pack?” “How do I change my skin?” “I’m stuck, I want to do…..” You have heard something like this, right?  We have developed resources to cover all of these questions and a lot more.  Read 10 Tips For Struggling Minecraft Parents and you will have everything you need. In particular get the BuddyVerse Handbook.

Develop a positive online persona

Early on we found that the personality of the kids in the camps were, on occasion, very different from the persona they used online.  We now have a focus on online behaviour, and our 3 server/camp rules – Be Kind, Be Helpful & Use Your Manners – are helping hundreds of children think about and develop who they are online.

Awesome Camp Leaders

BuddyVerse Camp LeadersEach of our Camp Leaders are quality people, and whether by qualification or not, are fabulous educators.  We hand pick our staff and work with them a lot before allowing them to be a part of our team. Each Camp Leader works the camps as their own business and are contracted to follow our strict guidelines.  They all have ‘working with children’ cards for their perspective states, and first aid qualifications.